BellaBuzz – ask and answer script!

BellaBuzz is a small and simple PHP “ask & answer” script that allows visitors to ask questions without having to directly contact the webmaster.

Here is more about this great script from the developers:

It works using “flat files”, integrates easily into WordPress and other PHP-based websites. Includes security/protection on ask box and stripping of HTML as standard. BellaBuzz is an “Ask n Answer” script (also known as ‘faq’ script/basic knowledgebase). It was designed to replace the popular but insecure “Waks Ask and Answer”. It is simple to install and easy to customise, running on flat files instead of a complex MySQL database.

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Andy’s PHP Knowledgebase

Andy’s PHP Knowledgebase is a MySQL Database driven knowledgebase management system.

Here is a little more about the script from the developers:

It includes Q&A, easy search with browsing by article tags and keyword searching, comment and question submission, author login, submit and save for author sessions, powerful administrator functions and a professional and attractive interface. The main purpose of the application is to store and manage article content for a knowledgebase, however application is very customisable, enabling any number of creative uses.

Find out more about this script at

Monsta FTP

Monsta FTP is open source PHP/Ajax cloudware that puts FTP file management right in your browser, anywhere, any time. Drag & drop files into your browser and watch them upload, like magic!

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Group Office

Group Office is an enterprise CRM and collaboration tool. Share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and clients. Easy to use and fully customizable.

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Ad Manager

Ad Manager is a free Allembru utility to help you manage, display, and track your online ads. It has a built in ad rotation feature that allows you to build a campaign, add multiple advertisements to your campaign and display them all in a single section of your page.

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Text Ad Script

This is a simple & straight-forward text ad script. This script was originally created to administrate the same copies of text/html in multiple web sites from a centralized administration area.

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PHPads is a simple php script that allows management of a banner ad rotations. There is an admin panel that allows the admin to add banners, and specify the length of ad campaign.

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LiteCart is a free online catalog and shopping cart platform. It is designed for lightweight, simplicity and convenience but holds many powerful features.

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phpShop is an electronic commerce package written in PHP. The goal of phpShop is to create a system capable of performing all of the functions needed to do business online.

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