Respect Your Hosting Support – Podcast 79

respect.jpgWorking any sort of customer support job is hard, but working customer support for a Web host is even harder. Oh you think sitting around and answering people’s questions is an easy job? I would beg to differ and I’ll let you know why on this edition of the Web Hosting Show.

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Welcome to the number one Web hosting podcast out there today, the Web Hosting Show. I am you head hosting guru, Mitch Keeler and we are back yet again to talk about the trials and tribulations we all have to face inside and out of the Web hosting industry.

Now is it true you can get hacked by your Web host? Now I ran into a very interesting post last week, via the tubes we like to call the Internet, about a guy who says that his Web host’s trickery lead to his Web site being “hacked”.

If you read through this guy’s poor story it is Web hosting at its worst. After he finds out his Web site has been hacked, the customer support guy doesn’t offer to help, he offers to resell more services to the guy. When he went back and checked his stats, he noticed that one guy had used up all his services for the month. Also another strange note to add is he says the Web site wasn’t even all that well known yet.

Now if this is truth or just a cry for attention, I do not know. I think all Web hosts might need to check up on this story though and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Web Hosting News and Views

Netcraft Releases October 2006 Web Server Survey

n2s.gifIn the October 2006 survey we received responses from 97,932,447 sites, an increase of 1.08 million from last month. That moderate growth follows four straight months of blockbuster gains, guaranteeing that 2006 will surpass 2005 in the record books for largest single-year hostname growth. The survey has added nearly 23.9 million sites in the first 10 months of 2006, well above the previous record for annual numerical site growth of 17.1 million from last year. At its current 2006 growth rate of 2.3 million-plus sites per month, the Web Server Survey could top 100 million sites before the end of the year.

I always enjoy watching where the little bars on Netcraft’s charts go. It might be boring to some, but watching for trends could mean a lot to you if you are a Web host. For the most part though – no big surprises here. Apache and Linux reign supreme while Windows is rising at a slow and steady pace.

Web Hosting Site of the Week

It looks like the Web Host Industry Review has started up a new “blogs” sub-division. Now I am trying to keep myself from getting too excited about this, because I know in the long run they are probably going to disappoint me.

From just spending a few minutes thumbing through some posts, most of them feel more like “news articles” than blog posts. I guess these days though, that line might be getting a little more fuzzy. As you can see I am trying to look at it with an open mind, but in the long run the folks at the WHIR still feel like they are shut off from the rest of the world.

So my best advice to the WHIR’s blogging team? Keep it real, keep it interesting and keep it really interesting.

Hot Topic in Web Hosting

Learn to Love Your Customer Support

server2.jpgI am not just saying this for kicks, I am saying it because it needs to be said. I am going to stick up for every person who has ever had to tackle an upset customer that will not listen to reason. You want to know the number one way you can be sure that your questions will be answered? All you have to do is be nice about it.

Now this isn’t anything new to any support career, but since this is the Web Hosting Show, I’ll focus more on the Web hosting industry. Now I have seen it time and time again, for years now. A customer gets upset because something is not working the way it is suppose to. Now who do they take this pain out on? Do they take it out on the company they are mad at? No. Do they take it out on the problem? No. Do they take it out on themselves. No.

They take it out on the closest customer support worker they can find.

Now to all the Web hosting clients out there, I know you can get mad and frustrated sometimes. Your yelling and typing in all caps is not going to get you anywhere though. Remember the old saying, “You catch more flies with honey than you would with vinegar?”. Well it is true.

When your mean and rude to people, they do not really feel the motivation to “jump to it” and fix your problems.

Working in customer support is one of the most thankless jobs you can do. On the other hand it can be really gratifying when somebody comes back and tells you thanks. You want some homework this week? I challenge everybody listening to this podcast to write a thank you E-mail to a company that has provided you with excellent service and support. Who knows, by taking a few minutes to do this, you might be making somebody’s day just a little better.

Amy Armitage at Web Jam Session

This week we have a special segment lined up for you. Last week I told you about the Webmaster Jam Session, and how you could go download some of the content and listen to it when and where you wish. Well, this week I have gotten my hands on Amy Armitage’s session from the show. In this sample of what you can get from the Web site you hear Amy’s thoughts on.

  • Who she is and how she got into Web hosting.
  • How to pick or upgrade to the Web hosting plan that is right for you.
  • Web hosting for teachers.
  • How easy is it to use support features and what support do you need?

Remember to go visit if you want to pick up the rest of what she had to say or a number of other podcast downloads.

Final Web Hosting Thoughts

Well that is it for this week’s edition of the Web Hosting Show. If you want to interact with this podcast, it is easy to do.

I am Mitch Keeler, and you have been listening to the Web Hosting Show, the number one Web hosting podcast across the nation and the one and only voice of the Web hosting world.

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