Saved by the Server, Screech Does Hosting – Podcast 82

screech.jpgA true icon is making the Web hosting industry his home. The man was a Saturday morning icon that millions of children loved. No wait, last I heard Peewee Herman wasn’t available so signed Dustin Diamond instead.

Thats right, Screech has entered the world of Web hosting. God save us all, the apocalypse Web hosting world must be upon us.

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Hello and welcome to the number one Web hosting podcast out there today, the Web Hosting Show. I am voted nine times out of ten to be your favorite Web hosting personality, Mitch Keeler. As with every week before, the bandwidth for this podcast is provided by – so give them a visit and give them thanks.

Now last week when I touched on free Web hosting solutions a little ‘bit – some folks were a little disappointed because I didn’t mention more. Well this week I did a little digging and found you two interesting free file hosts.

Now where MediaFire is a great all around file hosting service, ThumbQ seems to focus more on photo hosting. So go ahead, check them both out and if you have other suggestions to share, make sure you send them to me at

Web Hosting News and Views

Screech Enters the World of Web Hosting

screech2.jpgNow this one might not be news to you, but it sure was news to me when I found out about it last week. It looks like has signed Dustin Diamond on as a spokesman for their hosting services.

With the success of the hugely popular sitcom “Saved by the Bell,” Dustin Diamond became well-known for his much-loved character of Samuel “Screech” Powers, the series’ resident nerd. So when it came time for to choose a celebrity spokesperson, it was only natural that Dustin Diamond came to mind.

I don’t know if this is more funny or sad. After my public duel with the WHIR last week, I had better not say it is funny.

This just goes to show you that even Web hosts will sink to new lows when it comes to getting attention and publicity for themselves. Dustin Diamond’s most recent publicity stunt had to do with releasing a sex tape to help his public image. Yeah, Globat really picked a winner this time around.

Web Hosting Tip of the Week

coupon.jpgThere is no secret that we all like getting something for nothing. Getting something for a cheaper price than you expected though is not that bad either. Not too many people out there know there are a plethora of Online coupons for Web hosting. Next time you sign up or re-sign up with a Web host, it might be something you consider.

For Web Hosts:
Now for Web hosts, I think it would be a great idea to put in a few coupons into your system. It gives people another reason to sign up with you and use your services. Most if not all billing systems used these days inside of the Web hosting industry have a way of doing this, so jump to it.

For Web Hosting Clients:
For the Web hosting clients and users out there, finding these coupons are not that hard. If your Web host doesn’t make them publicly known via the Web site, then you can always turn to the search engines. Go to Google and type in your Web host’s name and then “cheap deals” or “coupons”. Take what you find back to the Web host, and see what type of deal you can get.

Coupons are nothing new to the world, but I don’t think enough people keep in mind that Web hosts have a number of coupons available as well. If any Web hosts out there listening have some they would like to share – go ahead and feel free to post them in the comments section of today’s show.

Today is your one day pass for some free advertising here on

Web Design Help and Tips

finger.jpgWell for this week’s Web hosting site of the week, I figured I would give you a ‘bit of a bonus. You have all been good little server administrators, right? What some people do not realize, is this podcast is about much more than just Web hosting. I try to cover the entire Web development business. In the spirit of that, here are some of my favorite design resources.

Open Source Web Design

Have a great idea for a Web site, but you don’t have a layout for it yet? is a great place to visit to either pickup a layout or get inspiration for one. There are hundreds of layouts to choose from here. If you get a create streak in you and create your own, you can upload it as well for others to use.

VisiBone Webmaster’s Color Lab

Now that you have a layout, you want to customize it a little more and change some of the colors. Well out of all the Web sites out there that list HTML color codes, VisiBone’s is my favorite. The color wheel they show might be a little simple for some, but it gets the job done.

All CSS Properties Listed Alphabetically

Alright your layout is in order, the colors are just right – what is missing? Well for example, lets say you want to change a few things about the layout. This list of CSS properties gives you what you need. Nobody can memorize all these different tags! This is your one stop CSS cheat sheet.

Have a few good resources that I might have missed? Make sure you leave a comment on the show notes, so that myself and your many fellow readers can check them out as well.

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Final Web Hosting Thoughts

Well that is it for this week’s edition of the Web Hosting Show. If you want to interact with this podcast, it is easy to do.

I am Mitch Keeler, and you have been listening to the Web Hosting Show, the number one Web hosting podcast across the nation and the one and only voice of the Web hosting world.

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