Password Protected Folders

It is question and answer time. This time around I got an E-mail from Jeffery who wants to know why his password protected folder is not working.

Here is what he had to say.

I love your netcast show and hope I might be able to ask you a question to help resolve a problem I have been hitting lately. I make a small website for my nursing class and have been getting really frustrated trying to get passwords on folders to work with my host, GoDaddy.

He goes on a describes what he has done thus far, and after looking through his E-mail I can not really see where he might be messing the process up. Now for those of you who might want to manually check up on how to do this, I have found a good link giving you the basics here:

+ How To Create a Password Protected Directory

Now since GoDaddy kind of has a heavy hand with these types of services on the hosting accounts, it might try some trial and tribulation to figure things out. Another thing you might check is to see if there is a way to go this via the control panel they provide to you. Since they use their own “GoDaddy” flavored control panel it has been a while since I checked it out, so I am not that familiar with it.

I also ran across this note from GoDaddy themselves – although not sure if it will deliver you what you need.

Last but not least, you could always go with a more “password protected folder” friendly hosting provider. I am surprised the support team wouldn’t at least point you in the right direction on how to do this – that is pretty crummy indeed.

I know I didn’t give you an exact answer but I really do hope this helps!

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