Xdrive – 5GB Free Storage Space

Xdrive - Free Hosting and Storage Space

Who ever said nothing good has come out of AOL? Xdrive is a service I’ve known about for some time – but never really gave a fair look at it till now. It is yet another of a long lists of free hosting options for your files.

You do have a desktop client which is handy, and hopefully does not get in the way. In most cases I want the complete package. I want hosting, an easy way to get my files to the hosting and I want it to be pretty reliable as well. Xdrive is able to deliver in all of those camps.

Is Xdrive Easy to Use?

Xdrive Desktop (the desktop application) integrates into your Windows Explorer so you can easily drag and drop files and folders directly to your Xdrive account hassle-free.

How can you access the files you have uploaded? You can do it via your PC – as this service almost acts as a networked drive off of your machine. You can also do it from a number of wireless devices or even from the Web.

Is there a window for upgrading too? Sure. If you like the service and need more storage, you can get 50GB for $9.95 a month.

All in all Xdrive is an excellent free hosting service that hasn’t gotten its proper day in the sun more than likely because of its connections with AOL.

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