Free File Hosting at FilesTube

FilesTube is a great place to go to search for almost any sort of file you might need. It features special areas for groups, games, video, software and more too. All you have to do is search for the file you need, and download from one of the many sources out there.

Once you get it loaded up, type in any keyword you wish to search for in the text box displayed on the website’s main page.  You can also select the file type you are looking for.  FilesTube allows you to search for: avi, mkv, mp3, mpeg, mpg, rar, rmvb, wma, wmv, and zip file formats.

If you find the file you are looking for, or wish to check out – click the “Download” link to be taken to the page to download the file at.  There is no real rocket science here.  FilesTube is really easy to use.

Be careful when downloading files though, because they could always contain something nasty, such as viruses, worms or anything else that might be harmful to your computer.  Always scan files after downloading them too.

To try FilesTube out for yourself, head over to

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