Web Hosts Need Smarter Tools – Episode 167

We all need smarter tools to get us through the day, and one company has made a name in providing those smarter tools to each and every one of you.  What is their name?  SmarterTools Incorporated!  From webmail tools, to statistics, they offer many tools that are leaps and bounds above the competition.

So if you want to know more about this company and the tools they provide, stay tuned – because this will be your kind of podcast.

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On today’s podcast I am lucky enough to have the Vice President of Business Operations of SmarterTools Inc, Jeff Hardy.  From going through their services to ask him why he thinks these tools would be helpful to your web hosting or small business, I promise to leave you at least knowing more about this excellent web services company.

SmarterTools defines itself as an information technology management software company.  They build applications to simplify, automate, and really just make our lives easier.  Founded in 2003, the company is (in at least my opinion) one of the top web hosting script and service companies too.

How can I say that?  Well, thankfully I don’t have to.  Their services do the talking for them.  Here are their main products.

  • SmarterMail – SmarterMail Windows mail server is the cost-effective Microsoft Exchange alternative. SmarterMail provides antispam/antivirus out-of-the-box, reporting, events/notifications, throttling, email archiving, and more.
  • SmarterTrack – SmarterTrack brings all the functionality of a Help Desk, a Ticket System, Live Chat, WhosOn, Cost Analysis, Data Mining, Reporting, and a Knowledge Base in one software application—delivered through one elegant Web interface.
  • SmarterStats – SmarterStats log analytics delivers detailed website statistics for a single website or up to thirty thousand websites across a distributed network.

To find out more about the company, what they do and how they can help you, check out SmarterTools.com.

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