How to Setup an Affiliate Program

Get More Clients Easy with Affiliate Programs

Are you a web host looking for a way to bring in new customers, and reward current customers or web site owners for doing the dirty work for you?  Then you might want to look into setting up an affiliate program.  It takes some capital stored up to get started, but once you do – you will see your new accounts list grow and grow every single day.

Most of the time when a web host starts an affiliate program they either host and setup the script themselves or they let a third party control things.  If you go the self hosted route, you can always search Google for, “affiliate program scripts” to find some script suggestions.  I have not had much experience with scripts like this, so I will leave that as homework for you to do.  For smaller web hosts, letting a third party handle things might seem more efficient.  You have less to worry about and all you really have to do is dump some money in, and then decide who gets paid for what referral.

Two third party affiliate program providers you might check out are:

  • Commission Junction
  • Google Affiliates

Both have their own good and bad points, but have also established themselves as leaders in their field. I would highly suggest either one of them (or both!).

How Much Should You Pay Per Referral?

Now, how do you determine how much to pay out per referral?  On average, I would say pay out half the yearly price of your most popular plan.  So if your most popular web hosting plan costs $120 a year, you should pay your affiliate partners $60 per referral.  Not going to say you have to play by that rule, but I have seen it as a success time and time again.

Unless you have an endless supply of cash you will need to make sure you are still making enough profit in the long term to meet the discount you are providing now.

I hope that helps any web hosts out there listening with their own affiliate program questions.  Now I have to ask you, what have you seen that works as far as setting up an affiliate program?  Please give us all a few suggestions in the comments.

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