Basic Checklist for Blog Hosting

Blog Hosting Basics

Search for “blog hosting” and you will get millions of pages and thousands of web hosts that would love to have your business.  What features, scripts and more should you be looking for when it comes to moving your blog to a new web host or starting one from scratch?  Here is my own personal must-have list when it comes to blog hosting that I hope comes in handy next time your searching for real blog hosting help.

Here are something you need to take in consideration when it comes to finding the right blog hosting provider for the website you run or the website you want to run:

Blog Hosting CPU and RAM Needs

The first thing you need to be able to narrow down is what is the size of your audience, and how often are they going to be hitting up your blog – looking at posts.  Many web hosts still sell on the promise of unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but these days, those two features are not the most important ones.  As soon as a blog really takes off – you want to know how many server resources you are using.  If you are starting a new blog, this is a little harder to figure out, but if you are currently hosted some where, your web host should be able to hand over this information.  This would be the amount of the CPU power and memory (RAM) you are using on the server.  If it is too high, changing to a new shared hosting plan somewhere else might not be enough.  You might want to start looking into virtual private server hosting.

Free Blog Migrations from Web Host to Web Host

Another feature I like to have when moving a blog or starting a new one would be free migrations.  Web hosts that will help you move your website from an old provider to themselves, as the new hosting provider are priceless.  Moving websites from host to host can be a pain – so anybody who will do this for you is providing you a really valuable service.

One-click Install Blogging Scripts

What scripts will the web host provide you with?  If you are not sure which blogging script to use – make sure you see which ones are available first, and then do your homework and see if you like any of the blogging scripts they provide.  These days though, you can’t throw a rock in the hosting universe without hitting a hosting service that will provide WordPress installs with “one-click” so this should be less of an issue these days.

Blog Hosting Upgrade Options

Blogs have a way of growing on you, so no matter if you are moving your current blog or starting up a new one  – you should always see what your upgrade options are for the future.  You might need to upgrade in a month or you might need to upgrade three years from now.  It is always better to plan in advance – so be sure to see what the costs and advantages are when it comes to upgrading your blog hosting.

That just about covers what I would consider to be the most important features you should look at when it comes to blog hosting.  If you have any others not on the list, that you feel are important – be sure to include them in the comments.

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4 Responses to Basic Checklist for Blog Hosting

  1. gurjeet guri Oct/23 at 4:57 am #

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  2. Markus Jalmerot Nov/02 at 1:00 pm #

    It’s also good to know weather your hosting firm have any restrictions with regards to .htaccess files. That happend to me twice :(

    It’s also good to know if you share IP with others, or if you have your own unique IP.

    • Mitch Nov/02 at 2:52 pm #

      Markus, what type of restrictions do you mean?

  3. Mike Nov/05 at 10:23 pm #

    Something else to consider, is that the web host should be reliable and fast, it should guarantee its uptime. Great Post!