Get Vanilla Hosted for You!

Free or Premium Vanilla Forums Hosting

If you think Vanilla looks like an awesome forum script, but your not sure if you can get things together as far as installing it yourself – you are in luck.  If you don’t have a web hosting account or you would rather get Vanilla as an all in one package, try out their hosted installs of the script.

Much like how WordPress has a hosted version of it’s script at, Vanilla does the same thing with  There you can get the same Vanilla forum script that others can download and install, but yours will be pre-installed for you.

The prices are pretty reasonable,   and vary depending on what you need.  You have the Basic plan for $19 per month, the Plus plan for $49 per month and the Premium plan for $199 per month.  If you just want to test things out first, they also have an ad supported free version you can try too.

Head over to and sign up.  If nothing else, you can try the free version out and see if it is something you would like to pay for or possibly install on your own web hosting plan.

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