Find Websites Like This, That or the Other

If you are in search for a website that is much like the one you are on (or any other website out there) then you really should give a shot.  This fantastic website search engine will allow you to view websites that are related to the ones you put in to it.

To use the service, all you need to do is input a website or keyword into the search box on their front page:


On the results page, you will see a list of website categories (for example, fits under hosting, news, podcast, web and webhosting).  Under the website profile, you see websites like the one you are on. Search Results

From that point, you can explore and check out all the suggestions they have to give you.  If anything else, this website serves as a great way to find more like-minded websites that you could potentially contact and try to network with (if you are a webmaster yourself, like I am). boasts having alternatives for over 1 million websites.  Go give it a shot and see if you can find any good alternatives to your favorite websites at

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