Domain Name Typos

People often say it is a good idea to register domain name typos.  Why?  Well, when somebody accidently types in the wrong domain name, you want to make sure they still get to your web site at large.  For example, did you know Google has registered?

To help you find some of the domain names to register we have ErrorNow.  To use this domain name error search tool, all you need to do is type in your domain name, hit the TAB key and then hit the button labeled, “Make Error” when it is available.  Once you do, you’ll get a number of different options like this: 


There are just some of the results I got when I searched for my own domain name,

For now only 2 types of errors are caught:

  • Errors made by forgot to type a character
  • Errors made by press a nearby character

Want to give it a shot yourself? Head on over to

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