Hanging up the Podcast

As you might be able to tell, doing the actual podcasts for the Web Hosting Show have taken a back burner to more important aspects of my life both personally and professionally.  So, with that said I am officially retiring the Web Hosting Show as a podcast.  We had a good run – from 2005 to the present and over 200 shows.  That is almost as many episodes as they did of the TV show Friends – sure I didn’t get nominated for 63 Primetime Emmy Awards but I did get some of your admiration and respect, which I appreciate a heck of a lot more.

So what does the future hold for this website?  Well, I am going to keep posting articles here and turn it into more of a web hosting and web development blog.  So, you will still be getting all the same great content, just not in audio form.  If you really miss the sound of my voice – and want to see another multimedia project of mine – check out my YouTube “Let’s Play” series, Mitchcraft.

Thank you again for letting me fill your MP3 players for a number of years and stay tuned, because more (text based) web hosting and web development tutorials will continue to stock pile here on webhostingshow.com for your enjoyment.

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