Impressions vs Clicks

If you are a relative newcomer to the world of web mastering – all the keyword jargon can be somewhat confusing.  What are clicks? What are impressions? What do any of these things mean to you and your website?  Well, these phrases are most often heard when somebody is working on getting more traffic to their website.  However, do you know the differences between the two words?

Impressions – In the world of website statistics, impressions are most often referred to as people who have seen the link or have been presented the link but may or may not have clicked it.  So your website link or advertisement has been seen.  However, if there is a large gap for you between impressions and clicks, it might be time to freshen up those links, webpages or ads.

Clicks – When you talk about clicks or “click-throughs” you are referring to people actually clicking through that link and visiting your website.  As somebody investing in website advertisements (either as the money taker or the money giver) you are doing your best when this number goes up.  This means that you are getting eyeballs on your website, plain and simple.

I hope these definitions help you with your marketing strategy.  If you have any questions – be sure to leave a comment and feel free to ask away.

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