Serendipity Review

A great PHP powered blogging script, that is just one way to describe the greatness that Serendipity provides. Serendipity is a fantastic weblog application that can give a user an easy way to maintain an online journal, a blog or even a very complex website.  Without editing it, it delivers a setup that is perfect for your casual blogger.

Here are some of the features that Serendipity provides:

  • WYSIWYG and HTML editing
  • Built-in, powerful media database
  • Multiple authors, configurable permission/usergroup system
  • Threaded comments, nested categories, post to multiple categories
  • Multiple languages (internationalization)
  • Online plugin and template repository for easy plug-and-play installation
  • Cool plugins: category-based sub-blogs, podcasting, RSS planet/aggregator, static pages
  • Robust spam blocking
  • One-click upgrading from any version
  • Can be embedded into your existing web pages
  • Standards-compliant templating through Smarty, remote blogging via XML-RPC
  • BSD-style licensing
  • Multiple Database support (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MySQLi)
  • Shared installations can power multiple blogs from just one codebase

Once you toss in the great number of plugins and the flexible, easy-to-use framework and you have a package that will be able to run a very big and powerful website.  Casual users will like the ease they can jump in and use Serendipity – experts will enjoy the fact that you can do a lot under the hood to make Serendipity into the publishing platform they need.

You can learn more about Serendipity at

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