Textpattern HostingWant to build? Textpattern is an elegant and easy to use content management system.  What once started out as a simple blogging script has evolved into a full range publishing tool.  It is really a system created for humans, by humans and right out of the box – so many aspects of this script just makes sense. 

Here are some of the features of this great blog and CMS engine:

  • Browser-based template and CSS editing
  • Unlimited site sections
  • Unlimited article, link, file and image categories
  • Browser-based file and image upload & organization
  • Fast intuitive editing of articles, links, comments, page elements
  • Posting, editing & design privileges hierarchy
  • Unlimited site authors
  • Browser-based plugin installation and maintenance
  • Import content from other content management systems
  • Built-in search engine
  • Visitors can subscribe to custom article and link XML feeds
  • Browse categories and sections via popup or link list
  • Adjustable date/time stamps on articles

Here is a little more about Textpattern from the developers:

If you appreciate wonderful web experiences, Textpattern is for you. Whether you create the experience yourself — with the extensive control Textpattern gives you over markup and styles — or have a designer help you, the end result will be the same: happily publishing content in a straight-forward, intuitive way, and with the satisfaction of knowing your system is sound and secure.

Textpattern in Action

The intelligent architecture and the ease of use really set Textpattern apart from the other blog or content management system scripts out there. For some people, they keep trying other scripts to manage their websites – but the directness of how Textpattern works really wins you over for life, once you start using it.

Want to give it a shot? You can download it from their official website and get it installed on your own web hosting account in just a few seconds! You might also double check to see if your current web host offers you the ability to install if from their control panel too.

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