LifeType Review

If you are in need of a great blogging script that is easy to install, use and is open source too – look no further than LifeType. This great free script supports multiple blogs and users, media management, generation of standard content, clean URLs and support for subdomains.  You can also do all of your content creation right from inside the script, using the WYSIWYG tools they provide.  From head to toe, LifeType is a great blogging script that you may or may not know about yet.

Here is a little more history on the LifeType project, from the developers:

The LifeType project started in February 2003 when its leader, Oscar Renalias, needed a set of dynamic scripts for his personal web page. Even though he did not know about the idea of weblogs back then, the outcome of the first iteration of the project already resembled one. A few weeks later Francesc, another one of the founding members, suggested that developing a blog with support for multiple users and blogs could be a better idea, and so pLog 0.1 was released on the 2nd of September 2003 featuring most of the features that are still part of the core features nowadays: multi-user and multi-blog from the ground up, template engine, localizable and extensible via plugins.

The greatness of this open source blogging script does not stop there though.  Here are a few more features of LifeType work mentioning:

  • Easy Installation
  • Mobile features
  • Multiple Blogs in one Installation
  • Central Page for Communities
  • Subdomains
  • Easily Localizable
  • Performance
  • Nice Looking URLs
  • Nice and Clean Code
  • Clean Content
  • Powerful Plugin Framework
  • Smarty Templates

I would highly suggest giving this great blogging script a shot.  If your web host uses Softaculous to allow you to install scripts from your control panel, you could get it installed in just a few clicks.  It definitely is worth checking out if some of the more popular blogging scripts are not meeting your needs.  To give it a download, simply head on towards

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