7 Best Blog Hosting Scripts

Blog ScriptsThere are some great blog scripts out there other than WordPress. If you lock yourself down to only using one platform for everything, you are missing out on a world filled with excellent ways of getting your voice known out there.  Here are some of my favorite blog scripts I have run across over the past few months:


Want to manage or create a dynamic website of your own? One script you can use that you can often get installed in a single click (at your web host) is PivotX. Like many other CMS (content management system) scripts out there, it is written in PHP and uses MySQL or flat files as a database to store information. 


Want a blogging engine that has been designed from the ground to be very lightweight, while retaining all the functionality you see in other bigger blog engines? Chyrp does that job, and it does the job well.


If you are in need of a great blogging script that is easy to install, use and is open source too – look no further than LifeType. This great free script supports multiple blogs and users, media management, generation of standard content, clean URLs and support for subdomains.  You can also do all of your content creation right from inside the script, using the WYSIWYG tools they provide.  From head to toe, LifeType is a great blogging script that you may or may not know about yet.


It referrers to itself as a Small, Simple, Site Maker. Pixie is  a great open source web application that you can use to start publishing your own website or blog in seconds.  It is totally free to use, and many web hosts allow you to install it in just a few clicks.


Want to build? Textpattern is an elegant and easy to use content management system.  What once started out as a simple blogging script has evolved into a full range publishing tool.  It is really a system created for humans, by humans and right out of the box – so many aspects of this script just makes sense.


Dotclear is the 9 year old blogging script that not enough people know about.  This great publishing platform will allow you to get a blog up and running today, if you decide to install it.  It is an open source web publishing system created by a single man, Olivier Meuier.  It soon gathered steam and got an entire team of people working on it.


A great PHP powered blogging script, that is just one way to describe the greatness that Serendipity provides. Serendipity is a fantastic weblog application that can give a user an easy way to maintain an online journal, a blog or even a very complex website.  Without editing it, it delivers a setup that is perfect for your casual blogger.

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