Storytlr ReviewThis free, open source script will allow you to set up a single source for your entire online lifestyle.  At it’s heart, it is a really great microblogging solution, but with a little imagination – you can use it in a number of interesting ways. Some web hosts offer you the ability to install Storytlr in a single click – but if they do not, the instructions for getting it up and running are not that difficult at all. 

The big drawing in point for this script is that you can import from 18 popular sources or easily post directly to your Storytlr powered website.  Here are a few more features worth mentioning:

  • Import your web 2.0 life
  • Post anything you want
  • Tell your stories in a new way
  • Choose your own style
  • No prominent service branding
  • Pick or use your own domain name

Want to get going? You can download Storytlr from – or ask your web host if they provide it as a “one click install” from your web hosting control panel.

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