PyroCMS ReviewSimple. Flexible. Community Driven.  These are all words you can use to describe PyroCMS, one of my new favorite content management systems. It can be used by individuals, small to medium sized businesses or even large worldwide organizations. It makes it really easy to build a website or a web-enabled application.

Here is a little more about the script from the developers:

The CMS was originally developed by Phil Sturgeon in 2008 for various personal and commercial freelance projects and over the course of a few years got to be a very useful system for quickly making simple sites. In 2009 this CMS was released open-source under the name PyroCMS, taken from Phil’s forum handle at the time “thepyromaniac”. It was welcomed by the community and by 2010 it had an active core development team. Since those early days PyroCMS has grown rapidly to be translated into more than 22 languages, accepted code from over 120 contributors and had more 43,000 installations since v1.0. Even more recently PyroCMS has evolved into two logical branches: Community and Professional. One is free, one asks a little in return for some features only those making money from PyroCMS will require.

This script is not light on features either. Here are just some of the ways that PyroCMS will rock your socks off:

  • SECURE: With Cross-Site Request Forgery protection, XSS filtering and very secure password encryption your website is safe with PyroCMS.
  • FAST: Advanced caching system and the use of AJAX in the admin panel, page loads are much quicker than other CMS systems around.
  • SIMPLE: PyroCMS’s admin panel isn’t cluttered with options and menus. Confusing options and settings don’t obscure the tools you need to fully manage your content.
  • THEMES: The theme system is so easy to understand that everybody with basic PHP knowledge can create kickass designs for the sites.
  • MULTI-LINGUAL: It has full support for multiple languages so your users and administrations can see the site in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Polish and many more.
  • INTEGRATION: Easily enable Google Analytics with your Analytics ID, check for spam without a captcha using Akismet and post your news to Twitter. PyroCMS will make it easy for you to interface with other websites.

Want to learn more? You can read more about it or download it for yourself at

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