ocPortal ReviewNeed to build a dynamic website in a hurry? ocPortal is another great content management system you have to choose from.  They have a really powerful tools and all the features you have come to expect from a script to help be your backbone to your website.

Here is the vision that the ocPortal developers put forth and try to live up to:

With ocPortal, we are committed to using our experience and talents to keep the web open, ensuring people don’t need legions of programmers to build websites with the features they truly need. Through our open-source Content Management System, ocPortal, we are carrying the web forward by empowering people to build sophisticated sites with elegance and efficiency.

Here are some of the features:

  • ocPortal can be thoroughly customized
  • You can remove any features you don’t need
  • you can do a surprising amount without a programmer
  • With ocPortal you can focus on design and stop having to hammer bits of technology into shape
  • Through ocPortal’s advanced theme technology you can get a unique design up quickly
  • You can integrate ocPortal with most forum software, so that forum users may login to the site

ocPortal is the only open source CMS you’ll find that fully integrates so many features in such a cohesive and professional way. While not tied down to a predefined vision (as you’ll see). Want to learn more? You can download it for free at ocportal.com.

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