jCore ReviewjCore is a content management system that has been built especially for webmasters to easily maintain multiple websites. The main thing about jCore is that it is written from the ground up which should make developer’s life easier to understand the coding and extend them.

Here is a little more about jCore from the developers:

Think of jCore server as the library for your site/program and jCore client as the website that you show to the public. In multi site setup you don’t even have to install jCore server, just copy the files in a public place where all your client sites can access it and that’s it, just like you would build a program by using a library. This way when you upgrade to a new version you just overwrite the old jCore server files with the new ones and all your client sites are already “upgraded”.

Here are some more features that jCore provides…

  • Extensibility (Modules)
  • jQuery Implementation
  • Content Codes
  • RSS Feeds
  • Advertisements
  • Members Management
  • SEO Friendly Links

If your web host provides Softaculous scripts for you to use, you can easily install jCore in a single click. If not, or if you like to download and install things yourself, you can learn more about jCore on their website at jcore.net.

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