MiniBB ReviewForum scripts almost always look the same, have the same features and are usually rather bulky looking.  That is what MiniBB does right – it has none of those features.  It is a standalone, open source script for getting your own message boards up and running. It is simple and has a clean interface, but still has enough features to keep your community engaged.

Here are some of the features that MiniBB supports:


  • Protected members passwords
  • Flood protection by the IP-address and time
  • Your board may be securely opened even for guest posting! – with the special Captcha module protection on guest posting and new registrations.
  • Special rules for guests and new users for posting external links on forum
  • Safe auto-login when returning on forum in X hours
  • Single super-admin account for better security
  • Email verification on registration
  • Full HTTP Secure (HTTPS) Compatibility

Members Profiles and related

  • Unlimited amount of member accounts
  • Forum-related statistics and graphs, based on the amount of posts for each user
  • Member Photos
  • Possibility to extend member profiles with any kind of custom fields
  • Private Messaging and communication between forum members, with the optional Email notification when the new PM arrives; as well as “Reminders” feature (PM to yourself)
  • Contacting members by email sent through the server

Search Engine Optimization

  • Fully valid W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional HTML, ultra-compact, printing-ready and indexing-friendly output
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Automatic Description META-tags for forum and topic pages
  • Automatic “nofollow” tag on external hyperlinks, and automatic “follow” tag on internal forum and website domain URLs
  • RSS feed

Administrative Settings

  • Creating and managing forum titles, descriptions, icons
  • Assigning private, read-only or replies-only forums
  • Protecting whole forum by a single password
  • Banning users by IP/username or blocking user accounts
  • IP tracking in messages (for administrative staff only)
  • Members search (by email, username, activity etc.)

Chances are if your web host supports Softaculous – you can get this script installed in a single click.  Might ask your web host for more information on that.  If not, you can download the script for free from It is a very simple and lightweight forum script.

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