Tribiq ReviewTribiq is a neat website content management system that has a nice look to it, but I have not heard about that many people using it.  Wonder why? It has full multi-language support and is set up to scale with your business. You can create password-protected areas, news feeds, blogs, document libraries, media galleries; add e-commerce, event booking, geographical databases and other features.

Here are a few more features of Tribiq worth checking out:

  • WYSIWYG for accurate editing
  • Start simple, scale up with Tribiq Modules
  • A completely localized experience for visitors
  • Template-based for design consistency
  • Categorization, and automatic lists
  • Password-protected extranet sites
  • Multiple sites
  • Interactive, visual panels
  • Search engine friendly
  • Future proof, easy to update

In my opinion, Tribiq is a very nice content management system.  If you want to try it out before you download and install it – they do have a demo available. Download Tribiq and let me know your thoughts about this amazing CMS. It has all the tools a successful website needs to stay ahead of the curb.

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