TikiWiki ReviewTikiWiki has to be one of the easiest wiki scripts to use.  I have tried my hand at installing and using a number of them, and when somebody asks me, “Which wiki script should I use?” I always turn back to TikiWiki.  So what makes it so great?  Let us first take a look at the features:

Here are some of the features of TikiWiki:

  • Wikis (like Wikipedia)
  • Forums (like phpBB)
  • Blogs (like WordPress)
  • Articles (like Digg)
  • Image Gallery (like Flickr)
  • Map Server (like Google Maps)
  • Link Directory (like DMOZ)
  • Multilingual (like Babel Fish)
  • Bug tracker (like Bugzilla)
  • RSS feeds (in & out)
  • Free source software (LGPL)

TikiWiki has been developed since 2002, making it a very mature open source wiki script.  It also has a lot of content management system features built into it too.  It is like the perfect balance between a wiki and a CMS. Tiki has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times – will you be 1,000,001?

Want to pick up TikiWiki to use on your own web hosting account? You can download it from info.tiki.org.

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