Dolphin ReviewDolphin is a great script to use to create your own little or big social network website.  Need to start up a Facebook-like website of your own for your community? This open source script provides all the tools you need.

The script supports the following features:

  • Articles
  • Ads
  • Payments
  • Avatars
  • Polls
  • Profile Customizer
  • Blogs
  • Chat
  • Shotbox
  • Events

That is just barely scratching the surface on the number of features you can add. With the thousands of extensions, languages and templates you can use – there really is no bounds to this script.  Online dating software, social networking software and an advanced CMS – all in one, all finely tuned.

Want to learn more? You can download Dolphin or learn more about it on their official web site.

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