Jcow ReviewThis script makes it super easy to make your own social network or social media community website.  Jcow is 100% open source and is really easy to install too.  If you need to get your own little Facebook-like website set up, this script will do the job.

Here are a few features of Jcow:

  • Handle more traffic
  • Make your site more interactive
  • Customize and Extend your Network
  • Make money from your Network
  • Add questions to the Registration Form
  • Give permissions the way you want
  • The power of “Following”
  • Multiple auth levels (read-only, user, admin)
  • Members know what’s happening to
  • Every profile could be Unique
  • Easily share stuff

That is really only scratching the surface.  Want to learn more? You can download Jcow from Jcow.net.

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