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Web Hosting Show - the eBook!
Today I have for you a project I have been working hard on for some time. How would you like to have a selection of some of the most popular guides we have published on the Web Hosting Show all together and for free? From domain name issues to installing your first blog I have everything covered from head to toe. The Best of the Web Hosting Show Guides eBook is my first eBook side project I’ve done in a while, and I am releasing it to you for free!
Inside this eBook, I cover the following:
  • Moving from Web Host to Web Host
  • Getting going with your own Ecommerce Store Online
  • How to Find a Job in the Web Hosting Industry
  • Best Methods and Tips for Setting up a New Blog
  • The Ever Popular Handy Guide to Domain Names

Download your FREE copy of the Best of the Web Hosting Show Guides here:


In addition to the free eBook download, you can also download each chapter in as an .mp3 too. So no matter if you like to listen to your eBook or read them on the go, the bases are all covered. Here are the audio links for each chapter:

Having worked on this podcast for over three years, I have been lucky enough to be asked a lot of tough questions when it comes to web hosting and the industry that surrounds it. Now you might ask yourself, what is so great about that? Well, as somebody who likes to help others – this type of interaction is really what gets me out of bed in the morning.